Computers and Screensavers

Screensavers used to be a very popular part of leaving the computer idle. You could choose your screensaver, and it would pop up after you left your computer unattended for a period of time. However, it was found that screen savers used too much electricity, and they are no longer needed for the updated modern computers. Now, your computer will turn off its display on its own, which saves more energy and electricity.

Why were screensavers used?

When images on the old computer monitors were displayed for too long, you would be able to see the imprint of it even when the monitor was turned off. This was called a “burn in.” An example of a “burn in” is the Windows taskbar being constantly displayed at the bottom of the computer screen, which could lead to being able to still see it even when the monitor is turned off.

This was an issue that screensavers were used to solve. The screensaver would display pictures, objects, or animation that would continuously change. This helped reduce the problem by making sure that an image was not on the screen for a long period of time to cause a “burn in.”

Now that I know what a screen saver was used for, should I still display one?

Even though computers no longer need screensavers, some people still use them out of habit. Therefore, it is one’s own personal choice. New computer monitors are LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and old computer monitors are CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). CRT monitors are from the 1990s and 2000’s, and they are not flat and thin like the new monitors. If we leave screensavers on the newer LCD monitors, the computer will be in gaming mode instead of saving energy, electricity, and battery. Screensavers are a lot of fun and entertaining to look at, but it is not a necessity anymore. It is better to turn off the screen while not in use. After a while, you will begin to forget there was a screensaver since you are not using the computer anyway. However, if you are still using a CRT computer monitor, you should definitely continue using the screensaver.


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